About Us

Where Forks Fence Co. started and where it is now

Forks Fence Co. began as a lawn service, founded and owned by 15 year old Beau Votava. The company was called Beau's Lawn Service. What started as a summer job mowing 8-10 lawns a week turned into a business with full-time and part-time employees taking on upwards of 70-80 lawns a week. Sooner than later, Beau's Lawn service turned into Beau's Lawn & Landscape, as the company took on more and more patios, retaining walls, tree care, edging, mulching, etc. When fencing was thrown in the mix, it was decided to make an entirely separate branch of the company to focus on the supply, construction, repairs, and installation of fencing for Grand Forks, Fargo, and surrounding areas. A new name, with the same service, pricing, and hard work behind it.

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